Anorak: Outdoor-Inspired Home Products

The anorak is a heavy jacket or parka with a hood, lined with fur and created to keep out the worst of cold weather conditions. It is clothing popularly associated with freezing lands like the North and South Poles, Alaska or Greenland. The anorak brings to mind images of the great outdoors where there is a sense of freedom and adventure. Such was the concept Laurie Robertson used in creating Anorak, a line of “functional products inspired by the great outdoors.” Robertson, a graduate of the Royal College of Art textiles, turned to childhood memories of camping and the outdoors in creating the company.

A true British brand, Anorak offers a wide array of home and travel products that use bold silhouettes and bright colors. Anorak is particularly known for its cute “Kissing Animals” prints. The company sells bed and bathroom linen, sleeping bags, tableware, trunks, storage containers, picnic gear, satchels, shopping bags, toiletry bags, baby bags and holdalls.

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