Aqua America Inc.: Supplying Clean Water to the East Coast

Providing quality water and wastewater services are the two main focus of Aqua America Inc., a utility company based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The company serves more than 3 million residential customers mostly from the East Coast. It currently serves 10 states and is continually growing to expand its operations in nearby areas.

The company’s history started with a group of Swarthmore College professors who were granted charter in January 4, 1886 to supply water to the residents of Springfield Township. It started as the Springfield Water Company and was incorporated to become Aqua America as the demand for their service increased. Today the company services the areas of Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania. It has grown through acquisitions with notable companies acquired like the New York Water Service Corporation, Aquasource and Heater and Florida Water Services.

The largest chunk of the company’s services is coming from Aqua Pennsylvania which accounts for more than half of the operating revenue of the business. Aqua America is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange using the symbol WTR.

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