Buffet Crampon: The Brand Choice of Professional Musicians

The French are known for many things, and Buffet Crampon is solid evidence that the country does well in the field of musical instrument manufacturing, among other areas of interest. Buffet Crampon lays claim to being one of the world’s top makers of woodwind musical instruments, particularly oboes, saxophones, flutes and bassoons, with their most popular item being clarinets.

Buffet Crampon began in 1825 by Denis Buffet-Auger, who started making clarinets of excellent quality in Paris. Jean Louis-Buffet and Zoe Crampon joined the business, expanding it and improving its sales, hence the addition of Crampon to the original company name. From clarinets, Buffet Crampon started making saxophones, then began conquering other countries abroad with their musical instruments that professional musicians had begun to take notice of. Now, Buffet Crampon is a worldwide business, with facilities in Germany and France and a wide range of models from beginners to professionals for each kind of instrument available.

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