Eleven Madison Park and the Chef That Took It to New Heights

Its majestic setting, terrific food and exceptional hospitality have warranted Eleven Madison Park an astounding appeal since its opening in 1998. But it wasn’t only until Chef Daniel Humm arrived in 2006 that the sensational restaurant was taken to an entirely new level.

With the Humm’s knack for impeccably fusing New York-rooted cooking, time-enduring culinary decadence and contemporary gastronomic methodologies in a dazzlingly structured fashion, Eleven Madison has earned a much better fit in the palettes and stomachs of today’s casually-inclined epicureans. From its suckling pig to raw oysters, to its deconstructed cheesecakes and miniature egg creams, the menu items whipped up by Humm are no doubt one gastronomic experience diners should not dare miss.

Eleven Madison Park’s 16-course menu and grand ambience has earned more than a few accolades including three stars from Michelin, four from the New York Times and five from the Forbes’ Travel Guide. It also ranked 10th in the S. Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Looser and brasher, yet regal and stunning as it was 14 years ago. Eleven Madison Park certainly towers above other restaurants of the same caliber. It also happens to be a lot less expensive.

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