Lacoste: The Crocodile from France

Anyone cannot fail to recognize the distinctive crocodile logo found in every Lacoste product. From their tennis shirts to eyewear, one cannot just simply move his eye away from the high-end elegance that each of their pieces exude.

Lacoste is the French apparel company founded by Rene Lacoste. Rene was nicknamed by his fans as “the Crocodile” because of the tenacity that he never forgets to bring to the tennis court. With Andre Gillier, he established La Chemise Lacoste in 1933. They began to produce tennis shirts that Lacoste himself has designed. They also manufactured shirts for sailing and golf.

With about 80 years in the industry, the company is still led by the Lacoste family, with Chairwoman Sophie Lacoste Dournel at the helm. However, late last year, news of the company moving to Switzerland came about, as Dournel announced that they were planning to sell their 28% stake to the Swiss firm Groupe Maus Freres.

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