LS Industrial Systems: One of Korea’s Pride in Industrial Technology

LS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. (LSIS) is a Korean company that leads the industry of manufacturing and selling electricity, metals and automation equipments. Each of these products is produced by a segment.

LSIS’s Electric Power segment supplies power solutions that facilitate the distribution of electric power. Among the electrical solutions LSIS produces include semi-conductors, circuit breakers, transformers, electric meters, switchgears, photovoltaic components, and high voltage and low voltage equipments. The segment is also involved in the exploration of new and renewable energy sources.

The Automation segment sells programmable logic controllers (PLC), radio frequency ID (RFID) systems, inverters, railroad systems, transportation systems which include certain kinds of components used in electric automobiles, and automation systems.

Through its Metals segment, LSIS manufactures and sells stainless steel pipes, copper tubes and other similar metal products.

LSIS products are sold in local markets as well as international markets. The company has significant contributions to the ever-growing economy of Korea.

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