Nutricity: Offering the Largest Selection of Health Products in the Online Industry

Nutricity is an online retailer dedicated to delivering the largest collection of health products all in one website. With more than 30,000 products and counting, the company is the only one that offers a vast array of health catalogs in the entire internet industry. The online shop combines small and large brands to offer the most extensive selection there is in both the online and offline trades.

Established in 2006, Nutricity was the result of a strategic partnership between a local health store and the online company. It began with offering the health store’s merchandise online. Within one year of doing business, the website reached more than one million dollars in revenue and has enjoyed double-digit growth every year ever since.

Today, Nutricity serves thousands of customers on a daily basis through its state-of-the-art website and other subsidiary sites. The company has also expanded its operations by shipping out items from their new, world-class distribution center in Arizona.

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