Sistema Biobolsa: Churning Farm Waste to New Form of Energy

Sistema Biobolsa is a business that produces a pre-fabricated agricultural waste digester.  It is a technology that is able to convert the farm waste to methane-rich renewable energy and to organic compost.  Sistema Biobolsa is not just about the physical technology of the digester but it also carries a technology which educates its users and has a monitoring system to make sure that the machine is being used correctly and is able to bring the value-additions that the company wants to offer.  Also included in Sistema Biobolsa’s services is a finance system that will help their customers get subsidy from the government or other agencies who are interested to help the farmers as well as to contribute to the global effort of decreasing emission of greenhouse gases.

The over-all strategy of Sistema Biobolsa is to provide high-quality machinery, capacitating its clientele in operating their machine, find a way for farmers and communities to afford their products and be able to have a databank that can use as basis for their company’s improvement.

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