Trial Attorney Theodore H. Friedman: Champion of the Plaintiff

Recognized in national media and professional journals, New York trial attorney Theodore Friedman has represented civil and commercial plaintiffs for close to four decades, handling thousands of cases resulting in hundreds of jury trials and more than 80 published opinions. A Bronx native and son of a Garment District union organizer (his mother), he worked his way through college and law school to supplement his tuition scholarships. Theodore H. Friedman’s resume includes work in federal court on behalf of sailors injured aboard ship, two successful appearances before the United States Supreme Court, and 10 years as a practice attorney with famed lawyer Louis Nizer.

As an educator, the distinguished lawyer has shared his legal expertise, particularly in the area of trial law, with students across the United States through the Practising Law Institute and as a guest lecturer at Columbia Law School. Overseas, he taught basic topics in U.S. law at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, joining such American legal experts as Milton S. Gould, and Edward Bennett Williams. Theodore H. Friedman also accepted an appointment at Wolfson College at Oxford University in Great Britain as a Visiting Fellow and Scholar, where he taught and studied.

In addition to his legal pursuits, the attorney and educator has put a great deal of time and effort into advancing peace initiatives in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians, an interest dating back to his two-year experience working at a collective farm in northern Israel. He took a sabbatical from his studies at the University of Michigan, where he later completed his degree with honors. A member for 25 years of the Inner Circle of Advocates, recognizing the best trial lawyers in the nation, Theodore H. Friedman received his law degree from Harvard Law School, which he attended on a James Ames Scholarship.

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